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Eagle 1000 Blow Bars

June 1st, 2011

Eagle 1000 (UM-15) blow bar part number 62C375 are stocked in High Chrome, Medium Chrome and Low Chrome to cover your application needs.

Eagle recommends:

  • HIGH CHROME for small feed with minimum steel this bar will offer excellent abrasion resistance using a maximum feed size of 12 inches
  • MEDIUM CHROME for maximum feed size of 30 inches, this is a good all around bar.
  • LOW CHROME handles impact very well with low abrasion resistance.

The Eagle wedges part number 50B2503 are also a stock item, the Eagle 1000 uses 12 wedges per machine and includes the wedge screws, part number 50A2516. There are 24 screws per machine; the screws can also be bought separately from our stock.

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