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Powerscreen Fines Master 120

May 13th, 2012

One of our best customers was struggling to find the frame for the Powerscreen Fines master. We are not sure the cause but the frame was breaking in half right down the middle. The customer was able to weld up the frame several times but the frame recently broke for good. The customer loaded the frame on his trailer in Virginia and drove it to us in Kentucky to copy.

After a few days of hard work we were able to return the trailer with the new frame for his Powerscreen Fines Master 120. It was a difficult build because the amount of holes in the frame. The 60 holes in the side of the frame are used to bolt the frame to the machine. The holes did not have set patterns so each hole had to be measured and drilled to help our customer with an easy installation. The frame is installed.

We are honored to have a great relationship with our customers and grateful they trusted us with this build.