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The Role of Replacement Parts in Sustainable Recycling Practices

Aug 11th, 2011

The EPA and other government agencies are moving away from the idea of "waste management" and towards the idea of "sustainable materials management". According to the EPA's 2020 Vision Report, Sustainable Materials Management: The Road Forward, the three driving principles of behind this shift are:

  • use less
  • reduce toxicity
  • recover more

Firmly planted in the material harvesting segment of the materials lifecycle, our core clients within the mining and aggregate industry stand to be deeply impacted by this shift in policy. More stringent regulations will likely mean greater investment in equipment, technology and processes to reduce their overall environmental impact.

By extending the life of existing equipment by providing crushing equipment and screening equipment replacement parts, Cross-Tech contributes to the effort to "use less, reduce toxicity, and recover more" while lowering capital investment costs for our customers.

As the mineral industry adapts to keep up with the changing policy landscape related to materials management, the ability to prolong the service life of their existing screening and crushing equipment with quality replacement parts is one less thing to worry about.